Letter of Life Celebration

A  Letter of Life Celebration is a direct communication with your loved ones and future generations saying all those things you want them to say about you and your life.  The focus is usually on your hopes, beliefs and values and less on the events of your life.

For you it is a reflective journey and for your loved ones, it is an act of celebration.

It is suitable for use at rite-of-passage events such as significant birthdays, anniversaries, as a eulogy or at just anytime you want to say what you mean.

Personal letter
A Personal Letter of Life Celebration is priceless

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A Letter of Life Celebration

A Letter of Life Celebration reflects on your core personal values and is a rewarding and therapeutic experience for you and your loved ones, drawing the family closer together.

Giving the gift of your life sense of purpose will support your family in many ways. It will help them shape their path and find inspiration from you whether you are around or not.  Sharing what you have come to learn in your life, your values and your wisdom are priceless.

Sometimes  opportunities are missed to thank those closest to us and sometimes the buzz of everyday life is too fast and moments pass without recognition and then it may become too difficult. Change happens in people’s lives without us knowing it mostly, and each day follows another.

It is time to acknowledge those that have been part of your life journey. It is time to reflect on life’s celebrations and struggles and to open up to future family so they will know you and be guided by you.

Personal Letter of Life Celebrations
Walk with your family and guide them with your experience

Write My Journey will help and guide you

Write My Journey will help you in your storytelling. We will listen to you, record your story and put it into a narrative using your voice and words as much as possible.

You can include some photos and images of documents that you would like preserved and shared in your name. You may consider setting aside special items of memorabilia in a box that will become your memory box.  The possibilities are endless.

There is no set length and it can be as short or as long as you wish. In fact, there are no rules and expectations and your family will be delighted and happy you have taken the time to reflect on your life.

Pricing will depend on the length of your letter and how you want it packaged. Talk to us for more details and options you may like to consider.

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