A Family Tribute Memoir

'Write My Journey' - your memories, your story
‘Write My Journey’ – your memories, your story

Your family member has passed and your family is grieving. We understand how difficult it is to pull all the pieces of your loved’s one life together.

Family Tribute Memoir
Family Tribute Memoir can make a difference

For this reason, we have assembled a Family Tribute Memoir product that will stand the test of time and be a legacy that your loved one would be proud of. Your end product will be a beautiful book full of family members’ memories, life celebrations and achievements that will ensure your loved one will be remembered for coming generations.

A Family Tribute memoir is a powerful support

When the time is right, give us a call and we will guide you through the process. In the meantime, we share some information you may find helpful.

  • Do not throw out any photographs, tapes, newspaper clippings, awards or anything that we can incorporate into the Tribute.
  • Collect any items you would like photographed for inclusion.
  • Ask family members and friends to save any treasures that the family would like preserved and perhaps locate them in a central position.
  • Start floating the idea of a Family Tribute Memoir book and see who is interested.
  • With prior arrangement, Write My Journey is happy to collect people’s written stories until the time is right to commence the process of making the book
  • Alternatively, we will interview people face-to-face and tape their stories.
  • Bringing people together in a group and showing them photographs or other items will promote and produce wonderful conversations. Tape these conversations and we will transcribe them so you can decide what you want to be included.

Some Advantages of a Family Tribute Memoir

The advantage of developing a tribute to a family member is that all resources can be equally shared. Sometimes what happens in families is that one member will hoard all photographs, information or items. This is unfair.

It is also unfair for one family member to decide to discard a certain item. Whilst there may be no-one in the present family who treasures this item, a future descendant may cherish the item and it may make a difference to their life. How special is that?

Much information can be assembled online and through ancestry websites. We can work with a researcher to develop a generational profile on your family and create a historical context for your family member. This will serve as a wonderful platform for you and other members who may want to take their own family history further.

Some information you might find helpful

We have included some helpful websites that may guide you in your sorting of items. We will add more as we find them so please check back occasionally to see what is listed.