Terms and Conditions

Write My Journey Terms and Conditions.

Write My Journey is an extension of The Writing Shed. Your invoice will come from The Writing Shed ABN 32 314 491 076.

What we do

  1. What we do is interview you, record your memories or experience and translate them into a finished product of a hard cover book. This means you are the narrator of the story and the owner of the story. We are merely putting your words into a book. We will use your words and voice as much as possible and add useful background or historical matter if available. The time of interviews will depend on the package you have chosen. Additional time will be on an hourly basis.
  2. We will do a structural edit, a copy edit and enhance your story through minor content writing using Plain English Grammar and Editing Style according to Style Manual, 6th Editing. Snooks & Co. This means we will look at the structure of your manuscript, give suggestions and input where necessary, look at the language, consistency and syntax throughout.
  3. By engaging and paying us to work on your manuscript, you automatically give us permission to do this work or outsource it as needed.
  4. There will be two proofs for you to approve. The first proof will be on a WORD document after the story is written and can be any major change. The second proof is when the story is on the printing platform and only small changes such as inaccuracies can be made. Further changes at this second proof will incur a fee due to the difficulties that are presented making big changes. The colours of photographs on proofs can vary due to the finished product being produced on different machines, with different inks and paper.
  5. If you wish a third person to review your story, you must stipulate this at the beginning and this person will be required to sign off as well at each proof. A third person cannot come in at the final stages and disapprove of the work done. If this is required, then further work will be charged on an hourly basis including the interview and travel time.

 We adhere to the Australian Consumers Law and give you two opportunities to review your manuscript 

  1. The first will be before copyediting when you can add additional material or change your information. The manuscript will be on a WORD document and you can have this sent to you on email or posted at an additional cost.
  2. The second will be before the manuscript goes to printing when you can only correct any misinformation e.g. spelling, dates etc. This second review must be done online through a link that will be provided to you. The book will be in its final stages and will appear as the final book. In the event you cannot review online, we can forward this to you as a WORD document but it won’t appear as the final book. This will be at an additional cost.
  3. You will be required to sign off both these reviews so stating you are happy with the work done.


  1. You must confirm that the publication of any photographs provided by you for publication with your story do not infringe any existing copyright or any other proprietary right of any other parties or breach the confidence of any person, and are not provided in any manner or contain any material, that would subject the Publisher (The Writing Shed) to legal liability

Your Warrant to The Writing Shed:

  1. You have the unfettered right to enter into this Agreement, to grant the rights set out in this Agreement and to authorise the publication of the materials in the work
  2. The Materials are original and have not previously been published, in whole or in part, in their present, or substantially present form
  3. You are the sole owner of the intellectual property rights in the Materials (other than any material in which the intellectual property rights are not owned by you but in which case you have obtained all necessary rights to include such material in the work)
  4. The Materials are in no way whatsoever a violation or infringement of any existing copyright or licence, or duty of confidence, or duty to respect privacy, or any other right of any other person or party
  5. The Materials contain no libellous, defamatory, obscene, blasphemous or otherwise unlawful, improper or misleading matter
  6. All statements in the Materials which purport to be facts are true
  7. Any recipe, formula or instruction contained therein will not, if followed accurately, cause any illness, injury or damage to the user.


  1. You (the customer) agree to indemnify the The Writing Shed against any loss, injury or damage (including legal expenses properly incurred) occasioned in consequence of any breach of these warranties. The indemnities and warranties given by you shall extend for the benefit of sublicensees and agents of The Writing Shed and shall survive the termination of this Agreement
  2. In the event of The Writing Shed being involved in or threatened with legal proceedings arising from the publication of the work, you agree to provide such assistance as may reasonably be requested by The Writing Shed, including joining as a party to such proceedings.
  3. All care shall be taken with photos but no responsibility accepted. No responsibility accepted for problems with clarity of old photographs.

Cancelling the service

  1. Write My Journey is sold as a package of services and a final product. Payment is requested initially, and then after your first review. If you are unhappy with the work after each review, you must give us clear feedback so we can incorporate your requested changes.
  2. You cannot take the WORD copy that you will receive for review and use it for other means as much of our own Intellectual Property will be incorporated in that.
  3. If you do not ‘like’ the final product, the book, you must give us reasons and we will forward it to the Printer of the book. We have chosen our Printer carefully so any complaints on the final book need to be directed to them.
  4. I f you simply change your mind and decide your story is not worthwhile or you no longer want your story written up once the work has commenced, a refund will be given minus any costs incurred including our labour and expenses.
  5. Once the final proof of the book is signed off and the book is ordered from the printer, there can be no refund.


  1. Any liability is limited to the amount paid by the customer minus expenses incurred for providing the service

Privacy and confidentiality

  1. Although we value your privacy and confidentiality, it is necessary to outsource your manuscript to ensure you receive the best possible product. This outsourcing could be to a transcription service, an editor and a photograph photocopying business.
  2. We shall not pass your contact details on to any third person.

There are things we won’t do

  1. The Writing Shed is free to accept or decline the opportunity to work with you to develop your book.
  2. The Writing Shed will not accept any political story, any story showing any form of racism, terrorism, sexual or religious perspective.
  3. The Writing Shed will not knowingly accept any form of defamation of any person, place or club.
  4. The Writing Shed will not work with language that is deemed unacceptable for whatever reason.
  5. The Writing Shed‘s decision to stop working with you if we feel compromised in any way is final and in particular, if you fail to respect the above conditions. If this should happen, there will be no refund for work that has already been done.
  6. We do not research family trees or do genograms—this is specialist work. You are encouraged to contract a genealogist to do this and can obtain their details through a Google search.  We are happy to write up their findings with your input.

Information about your book

  1. The book is not for public sale and only available to your friends and family etc. through the contact link that will be provided by The Writing Shed. The books cannot be resold. There is no ISBN issued.
  2. You are free to order as many books as you wish. There is no minimum or maximum number.
  3. Copyright will remain with The Writing Shed. The cover of the book can be placed on the website of The Writing Shed or Write My Journey with a one page abstract of the book. If you do not wish this to occur, you must request so in writing and The Writing Shed will comply.