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‘Write my life journey, my memories, my story as I want them told’ is what our customers say to us. ‘I don’t want to leave it until it is too late. I want my story and my photos in a book for all to remember and know me’.

People contact us for all sorts of reasons. Your reasons are personal and your story is unique to you. Our mission is to capture your life’s intimate moments that help describe your life experience.

Tell your grandchildren your story and show them your photos. They will have so many questions.
Tell your grandchildren your story and show them your photos. They will have so many questions.

At Write My Journey,  we interview you and record your memories and stories, we transcribe them before editing and crafting them into a narrative as close as possible to your voice and words. The narrative will be printed into a beautiful hardcover book along with your precious photographs for family, friends and future generations to know and remember you. It is called Life Writing, Life History or a Memoir. We also can write creatively and this is reflected in the pricing. 

I am a Personal Historian and I write personal stories, business stories, business profiles, club’s stories and anything else that is requested.  The Writing Shed is not a publishing house. We just record and print people’s stories for their private use –  private stories for private use in private families.

Contact me and tell me your story m: 0407 487495;  e: info@thewritingshed.com.au

Write my life journey, your memories

Memories can be ignited by something as small as an old dark photo, a loved item of days gone, your friends or perhaps the houses you have lived in. Through filtering these experiences, your inner self will emerge and that will be the gift to your friends, family and future generations. Perhaps your life has been touched by illness, or an unreasonable force.

Whatever your accomplishments and challenges in life, you have a story that is unique to you. It is a journey of discovery, turning memories into memoirs and your life into a quality book that your friends will want to read. Write My Journey is suitable for people of all ages, clubs, groups and companies to create and document information.

Books are suitable for private use only and not for commercial release

Please note: we are not a Publishing House. We are content writers or ghost writers who transcribe your story as you tell it, embellishing it a little with historical elements to add interest. Nothing of what we write is a statement of ‘what is’, it is merely the story our customer tells us.

Packages available: so no surprises

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‘Write my story’

‘Write my life journey’

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