Declare your love with a love book on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day needs a revamp and so does your gift idea

Aren’t you tired of giving those flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day? They are forgotten before the week is up you know.

Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day

Declare your love with the perfect gift that will remain forever timeless and treasured.

The perfect gift is a record of your relationship documented in a beautiful hardcover book with your photos preserved for generations.

Make Valentine’s Day the occasion for an original and creative gift that will express the fullness of your love. If you are serious about your intentions, a love book is the only way to go.

How did it all start?

It started long before commercial enterprises realized that Valentine’s Day is the day to make the biggest profit of the year. It was well before the 14th Century and martyrs and lovers went to their demise for Saint Valentine of Rome. In some countries, it was the Christian Liturgical feast days that empowered young lovers to face imprisonment for marrying their forbidden lovers, but once Geoffrey Chaucer picked up on the tradition of romantic love, the idea flourished. By the 18th Century, the English had added flowers and chocolates to society’s pressures of impress the hearts of young loves and from that, commercial businesses took the concept to its present dazzling heights.

Love is for all

Life Books are about love and relationships and the celebrating of life journeys. This places them well within the interpretation of Valentine’s Day being about love between people of all ages. In fact, it may be groups of people that want to celebrate their relationships such as families, friends or any group – love is for all. Whether your love is secret or not, you need to find a way to express it once and for all.

I was reminded of the heaviness of secret love one morning when I received an international phone call.

Life Stories of Secret Love and Valentine’s Day gift

Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day and a Book on your love story

A young man wanted the story of his relationship with his secret lover documented in words that he could not find in time for Valentine’s Day. He said to me he wanted to open his heart to a writer who could express his story to his lover in such a way that she would understand and embrace their secret love.

The journey that I entered with my new client was conducted over SKYPE. It lost none of its potency through this media and at times, I think it enhanced it as my client was able to imagine that he was alone in the room and emptying his heart.

I listened and recorded the story as it had germinated between himself and the young girl when they were 14 years old. The beginnings were innocent, humble and intermittent at first, and slowly built as innocent connections formed building blocks of a web of friendship and then deep love that expanded a decade.

As life goes, the sweet fragrance of young love ran its course and dissipated with events and happenings on their life journey. The young love was no more than a fragile memory of delicacy and regret for what might have been.

It was many years ago, that the couple met again, their gazes catching at a public gathering. To their amazement, the sparks of young love were rekindled, and the secret love of adolescence became the secret love of an intense and mature relationship.

The Journey of a Life Writer

My journey throughout this project was a challenge for me. The task given to me to bring to life on paper the journey of my two lovers amidst cultural barriers and unrest required me to do my own research and explore traditions and rituals that I knew nothing about. I needed to understand to give context that would enhance my client’s love story.

This is the value of a Life Story Professional. The skills and abilities brought to the table to produce a body of work that is of high calibre and worthy to be considered an excellent and timeless document are numerous. Creating an environment where the client feels comfortable and respected are central and after that, the craft unfolds itself.

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She will love you for your Love Book on Valentine's Day
She will love you for your Love Book on Valentine’s Day

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