Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.

people feel the rain
Some people feel the rain. Others just want to get wet.

Some people feel the rain is about life perspective and taking ownership of attitude. What a wonderful gift is within our grasp to make a difference to future generations. Telling the story of your life, your challenges and your conquests and weaving in your life lessons, your morals and ethical decision-making could just make the difference to a young great-great-grandchild.

Do you lead with your heart, enjoying the beauty in challenges and embracing life and every wonderful second of it?  Or are you allowing the wetness of the rain to accentuate your every little mistake and dampen your soul and spirit so your life choices reflect a coping attitude rather than a celebration?Continue Reading

A Personal Historian and Life Writing are what? Isn’t that expensive?

A Personal historian is someone who sits with you, listens to you and creates a lasting legacy in the form of a book or video of your life reflections. Life Writing is non-fictional writing that records a person’s memories to tell the story of their life or parts of their life experiences. The cost relates to what you want done. It is like a holiday where you may choose to have a wonderful camping holiday with its special intimate moments or a grand luxury stay at an international hotel. Anyway, how do you value the priceless gift of a completely personalised book on your life that will be treasured for generations?

Life Writing is one of the most dynamic fields of modern writing and is generating a lot of interest amongst people of all ages. The genre is available to all people and can the final product can be as small as you like or as big as you can afford. Usually, although not exclusively, they are private books or videos that will be handed down through generations as perhaps war medals. They also serve to share precious photographs and treasured documents amongst  family members.

Personal Historian
A Life Historian will help preserve those stories she will want to know

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Is a Memoir all Fact?

When writing a memoir, the issue of fact or fiction must be addressed. It is an issue often discussed amongst memoirists and a fear born out of a deceiving one’s readers.

The issue came to mind recently when reading the novel written about Margaret Cathpole’s life as written by Reverend Richard Cobbold, the Rector of Worthham, Suffolk (

People in the Hawkesbury did remember Margaret according to the Hawkesbury Writers website when she lived local to them. Their memories were very different to the Reverend Cobbold’s account of Margaret’s life.

The mind can play tricks and even with the best of intentions can replay events not quite as they were. I wrote an account of a memoir of my childhood to do with the opening of the Parkes Radio Telescope.  I then went about and researched the facts of the day and surprisingly many facts were not as I remembered. Of course, I was a child, and interpreted events through my own understanding.Continue Reading

A Life Story

A snippet of a Life Story


A Life Story – A Child’s Perspective

‘Finally, something is happening in my boring hometown of Parkes, Central West, New South Wales, Australia.  I have been waiting 13 years and finally a VIP has realised where we are.’   It is the 30th October 1961 and Sister Mary Therese, the head nun at our school, made an announcement.

It was an ordinary day, no different to any other school day. In fact, the year was no different to any other year.  The long hot and boring summer holidays were long gone; Easter with those deliciously warm but not too hot autumn days and those delectable yummy buns was just a memory.  The cold and bitter winter was over and we all survived our blue knees and quivering lips.  The Parkes Annual Show had been and gone and we had the day off school (as usual) to go to the Show. The town closing for the annual Show was the most wonderful thing about growing up in a small country town.  This togetherness and community agreement that the whole town would all go to the Show on the same day even though it was a 3-day event, somehow made the Show more magical than it actually was.

Everything was as it should be – until the announcement.Continue Reading