Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.

people feel the rain
Some people feel the rain. Others just want to get wet.

Some people feel the rain is about life perspective and taking ownership of attitude. What a wonderful gift is within our grasp to make a difference to future generations. Telling the story of your life, your challenges and your conquests and weaving in your life lessons, your morals and ethical decision-making could just make the difference to a young great-great-grandchild.

Do you lead with your heart, enjoying the beauty in challenges and embracing life and every wonderful second of it?  Or are you allowing the wetness of the rain to accentuate your every little mistake and dampen your soul and spirit so your life choices reflect a coping attitude rather than a celebration?

Life flow will continue to rain

Either way, life flow will continue to rain down on you and it is attitude that will determine how you use your gift of freedom of choice and resilience to go forward.  When one is no longer able to change their situation, the challenge becomes to change yourself. [i]

Promoting being in the moment and dealing with whatever life hands to you is a blessing that is within your reach through storytelling. Storytelling has been present in every culture since communication began. It is not just a form of entertainment but the oldest oral art and man’s first literacy.[ii]  Stories become the myths and epic tales of our forefathers and pass on through a continual process of retelling to willing listeners to learn, heal, inspire and even change lives.

This mindfulness and awareness can be significant to those will read your life history in years to come. Connecting with future generations is extremely powerful and empowering for young ones facing their challenges and looking for connections.

These days we have the opportunity to publish stories in private family books, videos, art works or any other way we choose. Even better is the notion that it does not have to be perfect. If you wait for perfection, it may never happen.

Taking that one step forward is all you need to do. The world has changed and maybe even reminding your readers of the benefits of appreciating the rain and how it feels running down your face or the thrill of seeing reflections in puddles, may connect your inner soul to someone you love.

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I remember when my own daughter was a young adult and going through some tough times. We were driving down the mountain road en route to her university and there we both saw on the horizon, framed by the infinity of the ocean, a spectacular rainbow, complete in its beauty and majestic framework.

At once, with no thought, I said to my daughter ‘I give my half of the pot of gold to you’.  From that day, so it seemed, her life changed and she has reaped the rewards of that rainbow ever since – and that is almost twenty years ago.

My daughter started to dance in her rain and these days, dances every day with her rewards and life gifts.

some people feel the rain
I give you my half of the pot of gold so you can feel the rain

Whether the quote ‘some people feel the rain’ is thanks to Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Ronald Freeman or just the favourite ‘anonymous’, is irrelevant, the meaning is as profound as you wish it to be.

If you need some help putting your life story into print, contact Write My Journey. It’s what we do.

[i] Frankl, Viktor E.  Man’s Search for Meaning

[ii] Storytellers NSW

Some people feel the rain. Others just want to get wet.   Some people feel the rain. Others just want to get wet. Some people feel the rain. Others just want to get wet.