Significant Birthdays

significant birthdays
Significant birthdays are a rite of passage.

Significant Birthdays evoke Forgotten Memories. It’s a Rite of Passage

Significant birthdays evoke the most forgotten of precious memories. Those memories carry such strong messages on how quickly times passes and those precious events that for no reason were shelved but are now given permission to be dusted off and enjoyed and discussed. It’s a rite of passage and those memories should never again be hushed into a dark cupboard.

Recently I attended such an event of a couple celebrating their 70th year.  This couple preferred small groups of friends gathered together to enjoy each other’s company and over a wine, relive many memories that most had forgotten.

It was amazing and inspiring to hear the individual memories that people had retained and held close for decades. The white gold ring with a small diamond given by two older sisters to a third (and younger) sister was produced and it was evident that this ring had been worn and cherished for 45 years. The older sisters struggled to remember and couldn’t believe they had never noticed the ring being worn and yet, the younger sister had worn it lovingly and thankfully. How excited they were when many other such memories associated with that time, became stimulated and oozed out from the three sisters.

Relationships and life messages are so important to the younger members of the family. I was reminded of one client a few years ago, who asked me to write a letter that she could give to family members and friends who were important to her on her 80th birthday.

A Letter of Life Celebration

Significant Birthdays
A Letter of Life Celebration

We called the letter ‘a letter of life celebration’ but you could also call it an ethical will. The client talked about how she wished she could live her life backwards and could use the attitudes and knowledge that she now has to enable her to lead a fuller life. She spoke about the wisdom of considering other people’s perspective and their journey and this understanding, she said, has made her wiser person. ‘It’s not about giving children more, it’s about giving them more understanding and experiences’ she said. Her words were much appreciated by her family and the younger generation who listened intently to her every word.

A few quick hints to remember the significant birthday stories

If you are attending a significant birthday celebration for someone you love, you may like these short hints to help your own memory.

  • Have a notepad and pencil handy.
  • Ask their permission to record some important stories.
  • Record their voice with some of their stories.
  • Take people aside and so some short recordings on the guest of honour.
  • Take lots of photos.
  • Put your photos into a book and package your audio recordings so it can be retained and appreciated by all and future generations. You will be glad you did.


If you are having trouble remembering and recording your life memories, give me a ring and we can do it together.


Significant birthdays evoke forgotten memories. Significant birthdays