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My name is Rose Osborne and I am the owner and creator of Write My Journey.

What is a Personal Historian or a Life Story writer? 

A Personal Historian is someone who helps people introduce themselves to their future generations.
Let your words linger beyond your lifetime. 
When you write your story, you are writing the story of your nation. 
You need to begin today. 
How did it all start?

When I became a grandparent, I wanted to know more about my great-grandparents than their birth and death dates. I found a few old photographs which kindled my curiosity and I started to ask questions. Questions that had no answers because my grandparents and great-grandparents were no longer with us.

I realised I had been listening to my mother telling stories all her life without really hearing her. I started writing my mother’s tales down and soon threads of amazing stories started to make sense. The search for further information and photos went to disconnected relatives, under beds, into dark and lonely boxes and forgotten drawers until a few more jewels emerged.

Rose received a Commendation in Discovery Writers Memoir Writing Competition 2016

I have since written books for others and enjoy nothing more than understanding people’s journey – how they got to where they are, what challenges and accomplishments shaped their attitudes and perspectives. This knowledge is so incredibly important and gets easily lost if not preserved.

I have completed memoir writing courses with Patti Miller, Australia’s leading memoir writer and attended many seminars on memoir writing, article writing, and freelancing writing. I also completed a Diploma in Editing and Publishing.

I spent my professional life as a nurse listening to people’s stories – so it makes sense that this is where I am nesting and finding a home.

I am also a freelance medical content writer and copyeditor.

Here is a snippet of a published paper of my own memoir A Childhood Moment

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Rose was Region Chair Association of the Association of Personal Historians for Australian and New Zealand for 2017 until it folded April 30 2017.

She is now working with peers to set up an Australian Industry Body called Life Stories Australia.  

Keep tuned for this exciting project.

Rose is Member of Australian Society of Authors



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