Be known as the family storyteller

Having a storyteller in the family is something future generations will be ever so thankful for.

If this is you, telling a life story and leaving it in a permanent format for others to know and reflect upon, is something that you will never regret. It is the most valuable legacy you can leave your family and is priceless. Photographs are wonderful but they do not tell the whole story and sometimes leave more questions than answers.

You can never know the difference family information will make to people’s lives not only in appreciating their heritage but also understanding the DNA of their personality, character, and relationships.

Be known as the family storyteller

your life history
Tell your grandchildren your life history and show them your photos. They will have so many questions.

As the family storyteller, you can provide opportunities for others to make sense of life’s challenges and have insights into influences that may have shaped their life path. You have a choice in what you want to be explained, the context of circumstances and the interpretation of what may have been difficult or painful family events. You are able to remind family members of dreams, values, and strengths, and claim your place in the family’s history.

Everyone has a story and every story is extraordinary in its own right. If you don’t tell your story, it will either be forgotten or someone else will tell it perhaps a little differently to how you would like it told.

People find the process of their life story telling empowering and beneficial in many ways. It is a pleasurable experience and gives satisfaction and acknowledgment where perhaps it never previously existed. It gives an opportunity for life reflection, and even perspective to be reshaped. It is also good for your own personal development and health.

What makes a good family storyteller?

The facts of life are very one dimensional and not really insightful. Adding emotions, feelings, context and thoughts to the facts of life is what creates a life history. Your life story can be as wide as your biography detailing all the events and moments that you hold dear, or it can be a set period such as childhood or your youth, or it can view your life through other variables, such as your best friend in each stage of your life, your professional life, your pet animals or the houses you lived in. The interpretation of your life story can be as creative as you are.

You may like to be remembered as an ordinary person living an extraordinary life, or an extraordinary person valuing an ordinary life. Identifying the richness and complexity of you, your experiences and life challenges is something that will endure for generations.

Many say they don’t know where to begin or their life has been too complex therefore the life history and its story can’t be written. These are interesting concepts that are hard for me to explain.

It may be more accurate to say the process of documenting your life history is paralysing. I guess it is like the process of building a house; pretty terrifying in the beginning, demanding in its step by step processes and a wow of a house warming celebration. 

Like building a house, each step must be undertaken with purposeful attention to detail and so gradually delivering a permanent memorial to a life worth living.

‘Each of us is a book waiting to be written, and that book, when written, results in a person explained’   Thomas M. Cirignano

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