A Community Club or Group deserves its own book

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Write my Club’s journey A sporting journey in one to be remembered. Sometimes the story of how the club or sport developed gets lost in the running of the events, the successes and challenges. The story behind it is as precious as everything else. These books can be coffee table books or soft cover for resale to club members.

Your community club or group has a journey that deserves to be remembered. Sometimes that story gets lost and forgotten. Actually, it is probably the most amazing story of all – the wins, the challenges, the heartbreak, the courage and determination, the focus and single-mindedness of some true team people.

Whether your club is a sporting club, a family club, a local group that has met for years, a leisure and craft club, a  playgroup or whatever, a published record is something essential to your members coffee table.  A beautiful book that creates a record of your club’s journey from inception to present time is something that will be a treasured by all members.

Perhaps you would like to create a book on your child’s sporting achievements throughout their childhood. Similarly, your child may have been involved in dancing events throughout the years and it would be great to have all the photos and their stories published in just one beautiful book.

We are happy to work with one or multiple persons to bring this project together for you. You could capture different members’ stories or you could bring them all together in one major story.

You can order one book or many books; you could print one hard cover book and multiple copies of soft cover for general distribution.

We are happy to work with your nominated photographer if you do not have photos available.

We work with graphic designers and printers to carry your brand and other details into your book.

Give us a ring for how to progress on your ideas

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A community club or group is more than a collection of people with a focus.

Record the memories before it all passes.

The Writing Shed is not a publisher. We are content writers who can put your words into a printed book with photographs. You remain the author and owner of the story.