A Family Scrapbook is just so easy

Have a read of my April article on compiling a family scrapbook. Have a go or give me a ring, and I will help out. It’s fun.



Samples of Letter of Life Celebration

Letter of Life Celebration – Sample 1  (excerpt only)

I am the eldest of Jim and Jo Madden’s eight children. I was named after Rosemary for remembrance and it was post World War II, and Jane my great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother. Whilst I never knew my great-great-grandmother, Mary Jane Jones, I look like her. My great grandmother however, Elizabeth Jane May (nee Jones) has been in my soul since I was a little girl. Although our lives have been very different, I have always felt very connected to her. It isn’t because she showered me with gifts such as pretty dresses and teddy bears and watched me dance on the table when I was three, but because my basic nature is similar to hers.Continue Reading

Product Statement

Each hour of interview  includes varying quantities of the following:

  •  Consultation
  •  Transcription of voice to text
  •  Content Writing
  • Reviewing document
  •   Copy editing
  • Uploading of manuscript onto InDesign Platform
  • Proofreading of final manuscript and layout of book
  • Photographs
  • Printing
  • Digital PDF of book

Also included in each book:

  • A Dedication
  • A Preface
  • Choice of the name of the book
  • You will be cited as the author of your book
  • Book organised into chapters
  • Book is hardcover with a photo on back and front cover.