A life story needs life

‘How to breathe life into my life story’ is probably the most common question I receive.

I can interpret this question in two ways.

‘How do I start writing my life story’ or ‘how do I remove the scaffolding of my life and crack open the secret river that has flowed through my days’?

There is only one answer to both questions and that is to start writing. Procrastination has no deadline and you do. Your legacy demands insight into your experiences, journey and soul.    Your life story is about the greater truth of your life, the wisdom and understandings that have trickled into your being whether you sought them or not. The powerful yet empathetic pathways and connections that have created the ‘you’ that your grandchildren, friends and followers know and want to remember is the essence of your memoir or life story.Continue Reading

Photos and words make your memoir powerful

Photos and words together are powerful

Is a photo worth a thousand words? Apparently not – that is unless you interact with the photos rather than just accumulate boxes of them under your bed or in a digital file somewhere. Photos and words make your memoir powerful and the story of who you are clear and memorable.

Relying on technology to record an event can detract from the experience and so the personal memory-formation of an event[i]. Emotion has a powerful impact on our memory.  We recall events that have meaning for us in some way. It is a way of holding onto what we consider significant moments in our lives.  Reflecting on a photo will help bring those memories forward although sometimes a photograph can affect our recall as well.

A group photo came to life recently of family members forty years younger. One family member was partially hidden behind someone else. Three people claimed the identify of that lone little body; and tempers did fly a little in the process. The matter was settled when one party drew attention to other details in the photo and gave them context.

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How to structure your story

Structure your story

How to structure your story is really up to you. Your story could be arranged in years, in seasons, on a significant day each year e.g. Christmas seasons, each generation or what is appropriate for you and your story.  Recently, I structured a book according to the houses the client had lived in.  This sounded a little odd at first, but as I made progress on the book, I realised this was a great way to tell this particular story.

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