Family Photo Scrapbook with multiple purposes

What can I give my mother for a Christmas gift? What a question! My mother has reached the age where she has everything she needs. Still, the question remains. What can I give Mum to celebrate Christmas in her 90th year.

family photo scrapbook
Celebrate family new arrivals and achievements

My mum’s life treasure is and always has been her family. She collected photos, made albums and scrapbooks every time someone’s name was mentioned in the newspaper. She loved this activity from the time she was a little girl and collected photos of film stars from glossy magazines.

Cameras and photos were a luxury in her young days and used by professional photographs – out of range of most ordinary people. In current days of course, everyone who has a smart phone has a decent camera to take photos when they choose, and discard unused ones – all without costing them a cent. But it wasn’t like that in the first half of the 20th Century.

Mum however, did have one problem – keeping track of everyone.

Family Scrapbook

Our family had grown so big and it was difficult for anyone to keep up with all the successes and celebrations of individual family members.

I hit upon the idea of collecting photos from all families in our extended family. The photos had to fulfill the following criteria.

  • Celebrate an activity of a particular family member
  • The activity or celebration had to occur within the current year
  • Every family member had to be represented.

What I ended up with was a wonderful visual record of each individual within the broader context of the extended family.  Each photo or image was labelled in large print to enable Mum to easily read the text. Some items had more text than others where it was thought explanation was needed to give context.

We had significant birthdays represented, anniversaries, sporting achievements, academic awards, great holidays, new houses and so much more.  New babies were celebrated and names explained. There is so much to celebrate in one year within a family – sometimes it just all slides by and is forgotten in lieu of the next ‘happening’ thing.

My 2015 Family Photo Scrapbook

The book was titled My 2015 Photo Scrapbook.

My mother absolutely loved it and showed it to every one of her friends in the Aged Care Facility.  She kept it by her bedside to remind her of her wonderful family and if one rang, she merely opened their page and was reminded of all their current activities, faces and names.

All the other family members wanted a copy as well.  Perhaps I will do it again this year 2016.

Give us a ring. We can help

If you would like a Photo Scrapbook compiled for your loved one, give us a ring. We will work with you to bring the book together, collecting items and text. You can have as much text as you wish or as little as you wish.

We can work with you alone or you can ask family members to send their photos and captions directly to us.

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