Valentine Day Special Offer

Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day and a Book on your love story

 Valentine Day Special Offer

A gift certificate for the love story of your relationship documented in a beautiful book in a box and a digital book.

  • 1000 words on a WORD document or speech to text on your smartphone
  • Plus 20 photos with captions up to 10 words.
  • The document will be copyedited and any issues referred to you.
  • Book designed to be romantic or modern in colours of your choice.
  • Photos will NOT be photoshopped or enhanced and you must submit them as you want them published.
  • Guidelines will be given to help keep you on track.
  • You will have 1 Review opportunity to change dates, names or words but NOT CONTENT.

Price reduced to $699.   Offer closes 10th February 2018.

Email:  for further details.

Payment must be received before work commences

If you would like to tell your story direct to Write My Journey – $500 for 1000 words for 60 minutes

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Life Story

How to start my life story

How do I start my life story?

My life has been so long.

This is the question I get asked every time a potential client contacts me.

It’s true your life has been long and so much has happened. Approaching the documenting of your life is worthy of consideration before you commence and the skills of a life writer are there to help you on your journey.

life story
Just start your life story – just start

How to start my life story – a few pointers


  • Make the commitment.

Many obstacles will fall into your path as to why you shouldn’t start your journey of commencing your family legacy. There are too many to name but here are just a few; ‘too expensive’; ‘too much work’; ‘don’t want to remember it all’; ‘what will the family think’; ‘will I seem like a loser’.

Well, some of those things are true and some aren’t. You won’t seem like a loser – in fact, people will admire you and wish they had done the same. Yes, it is work and yes, it is expensive but so is anything worth having.

You don’t have to remember it all, and you don’t have to document it all. Your life writer will help you through this. Yes, there will be some memories you wish you didn’t have, and yes, you may shed a tear or two – but life writers are skilled at supporting you through that.

Making the commitment to do your legacy for your future generations has to be first and foremost.

  • Contact your life writer and be honest about your budget and your story.

    start my life story
    Be honest with your life writer

Deciding on how much you wish to spend is just another financial decision like others you have made through your life. Some customers say they wish to just get their life story in print and don ‘t care about the cost. Other customers prefer the package deal used by Write My Journey and you buy a unit – you know where you are at each point in the project.

 I think being honest about your story is also important. Some people say they want the minimum budget and then expect to get everything in. I don’t think this is fair to them and certainly not fair to the life story writer.

Being honest about your expectations up front is most important. Compiling your life story is no different to any other service you may have done – both you and your contractor have to know what is expected to obtain a great result.

  •  Do an overview

 Your life writer will do an overview of your life journey and help you put it into chapters. Together, you will work on each chapter until it is complete. This is a very flexible working system and even if you jump from one chapter to another, your final product will be organised and complete.

Keeping to your chapters helps you keep to your budget and control over your story, at the same time as allowing you to adjust your budget and content.Some customers prefer to make notes as they think of different times of their life. Others prefer just to talk and let their memory take them down its path, opening whatever gates come their way. Photos are great and any other memorabilia you may have. Discussions with other people are great memory boosters, as are journals, old calendars or even just googling dates to see what was happening in the world at that time.

  •   Life Stories are boring

A common comment I hear from people is that life stories or biographies are boring to read. I agree with this and therefore, I place the responsibility with the life writer to guide the narrator in the creation of a book that readers can’t put down.

Most people think they must include every single bit of information they remember. That is not true. You can, of course, include everything, but that will be reflected in a bigger budget. Most people will take snippets of their life to reflect their journey, e.g. if you are a cricket player, you could just highlight your most memorable games, rather than every game.

  • Final TipStart my lif

A final tip is not rush it. Knowing that documenting your life story is going to take time and work in the narration, reviewing and reviewing is a fact, so it is wise to keep your deadline in the distant months or even a year.

Writing Life Stories 

Life Stories Australia Inc. 

How to start my life story
Life Story Professionals are life story writers

Write My Journey is a foundation member of Life Stories Australia, the Industry Association for life story professionals.

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Declare your love with a unique Valentine’s Day gift

Valentine’s Day needs a revamp.

Aren’t you tired of giving those flowers and chocolates which are forgotten before the week is up?

Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day

Declare your love with a gift that will remain forever a beautiful memory that is timeless.

A record of your relationship documented in a beautiful hardcover book with your photos preserved for generations is the perfect gift for those serious about relationships.

Make Valentine’s Day the occasion for an original and creative gift that will express the fullness of your love. If you are serious about your intentions, a love book is the only way to go.

How did it all start?

It started long before commercial enterprises realized that Valentine’s Day is the day to make the biggest profit of the year. It was well before the 14th Century and martyrs and lovers went to their demise for Saint Valentine of Rome. In some countries, it was the Christian Liturgical feast days that empowered young lovers to face imprisonment for marrying their forbidden lovers, but once Geoffrey Chaucer picked up on the tradition of romantic love, the idea flourished. By the 18th Century, the English had added flowers and chocolates to society’s pressures of impress the hearts of young loves and from that, commercial businesses took the concept to its present dazzling heights.

Love is for all

Life Stories are about love and relationships and the celebrating of life journeys. This places them well within the interpretation of Valentine’s Day being about love between people of all ages. In fact, it may be groups of people that want to celebrate their relationships such as families, friends or any group – love is for all. Whether your love is secret or not, you need to find a way to express it once and for all.

I was reminded of the heaviness of secret love one morning when I received an international phone call.

Life Stories of Secret Love and Valentine’s Day gift

Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day and a Book on your love story

A young man wanted the story of his relationship with his secret lover documented in words that he could not find in time for Valentine’s Day. He said to me he wanted to open his heart to a writer who could express his story to his lover in such a way that she would understand and embrace their secret love.

The journey that I entered with my new client was conducted over SKYPE. It lost none of its potency through this media and at times, I think it enhanced it as my client was able to imagine that he was alone in the room and emptying his heart.

I listened and recorded the story as it had germinated between himself and the young girl when they were 14 years old. The beginnings were innocent, humble and intermittent at first, and only slowly built as innocent connections formed building blocks of a web of friendship and then deep love.

As life goes, the sweet fragrance of young love ran its course and dissipated with events and happenings on their life journey. The young love was no more than a fragile memory of delicacy and regret for what might have been.

It was many years ago, that the couple met again, their gazes catching at a public gathering. To their amazement, the sparks of young love were rekindled, and the secret love of adolescence became the secret love of an intense and mature relationship.

The Journey of a Life Writer

My journey throughout this project was a challenge for me. The task given to me to bring to life on paper the journey of my two lovers amidst cultural barriers and unrest required me to do my own research and explore traditions and rituals that I knew nothing about. I needed to understand to give context that would enhance my client’s love story.

This is the value of a Life Story Professional. The skills and abilities brought to the table to produce a body of work that is of high caliber and worthy of be considered an excellent and timeless document are numerous. Listening and making the client feel comfortable and worthy are essential and after that, the craft unfolds itself.

Contact today

If you would like your love relationship documented, give me a ring today. A Gift Certificate would be a wonderful Valentine Day gift and even better if you both contributed.

 Life Stories

Valentine’s Day – Valentine’s Day – Valentine’s Day
Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day is a Life Story Opportunity

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