‘Write My Journey’

‘Write My Journey, the stories of my life and create a beautiful book so all will remember me’. 

This is what people say to us when they ring. The saddest thing I hear is ‘Wish I now known about your service before …’.

Rose received a Commendation in Discovery Writers Memoir Writing Competition 2016

The wonderful thing about Life Writing is that it is for all ages.

  • A  couple wishing to create a lasting tribute to their relationship
  • A family highlighting memories
  • A professional  documenting their achievements
  • A tribute to any family member or any family.

It is our mission at Write My Journey, to share your life experience with your family and descendants. You are worth it.  Each life experience is unique with your achievements and challenges and is threaded with your personality, courage and beliefs.

A life story can take many forms. They are written using your words and your voice; we merely transcribe and edit. This is what makes them so affordable. We can write creatively as well if this is what you want and this is reflected in the pricing.

write my life story
Create your legacy. They will want to know.

 Photographs are wonderful but they leave people guessing on the details: who are those people, what were they doing, what was their life experience? Who danced like me? Who has the special talents and gifts that I have?  Where did I get my courage and determination from? What about that little funny characteristic I have of elevating my little finger, where did I get that from?

 Contact today and take the first step in documenting your life story

m: 0407 487495  –  e: info@thewritingshed.com.au

  • When you contact, we will listen to an overview of your story and then discuss your options.
  • Life Writing is affordable and achievable, but what price is priceless
  • We have various packages. Check them out to see which suits you.

Write My Journey is a member of the international Association of Personal Historians and abides by their mission statement, goals and code of ethics

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Additional Information

  • Before you contact us

Before you contact us, read your way through Write My Journey website. There is lots of information for you to consider before making your informed decision – then you won’t look back. It’s addictive – just ask me. I did one book, then another, then another – and now I want to do yours.

Just talk to us – how easy is that. We do the rest. You will get to review and make changes to your manuscript before final printing. You can order additional copies for all those people who are going to want to read your book – and there will be quite a few. It’s all in our terms and conditions.

The books are written in first-person narrative crafted from the interview we do with you. We use your voice and words as much as possible. We sprinkle editing dust lightly as our aim is to keep as close as possible to your oral story. You may invite another family member to add additional information to highlight parts of the story.

The books are printed and bound by presses that specialise in small runs, high-quality work and attention to detail.

  • Distance is not a problem

It makes no difference if you live next door, across the land or across the waters. We work on Skype, Google Hangout, email and phone.

We love home visiting where possible. Talk to us about this.

  • Write My Journey is Australian based, the Sutherland Shire in Sydney to be exact, but our language is universal because it is all about preserving your memories. The only postage is your beautiful book and the postman goes worldwide.

Contact details

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Australian customers

: phone m: 0407 487 495

International customers

: please use the contact form or email :  info@thewritingshed.com.au

We will set up a consultation using Skype or Google Hangout.

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